Planning an Autumn wedding

02 September 2016

Autumn is a stunning season to get married in, with an array of colour palettes. There is still a wide selection of summer blooms which have not quite disappeared at the beginning of the season, leading to the rich lush palettes of warm oranges, rich reds and rustic browns that we automatically associate with the season. This time of the year also allows us to creatively encorporate elements of nature from textural branches, the softness of moss the gentle movement of ornamental grasses into the day.


As beautiful as these vibrant colours are, they are not for all of us. If you are daunted by such strong display of colour or fearful that they will not work with your chosen theme, worry not.  



Have you considered these alternative colours? Not what you think of when you hear Autumn? True, but fundamentaly they encapsulate nature's palettes. Whether you are looking for rich warm tones for the dresses and a more muted floral selection, or prefer a softer tone throughout, these can all be achieved in this season. The use of multiple foliages can create both texture and movement within your floral designs. 


With the shorter days of Autumn, this gives us the perfect opportunity to bring added romance into both the church and venue with candlelight or uplighting. This can truly change the ambience of the space and is another great way to soften some of these wonderfully vibrant tones. Imagine revamping your sweet trolley to include indulgent dipped apples, blackberry jello shots, soda cream jello lollies or warming spiced apple punch to greet your guests.


As you can see Autumn can be a magical time for your wedding, don't think short or rainy days, but rather of whimsically cozy vibes.

I hope I've given you a little inspiration! Chantelle x

Planning an Autumn wedding